Our Consultant


Hi I am Stephanie - the founder of House of Angels. I have been working closely with my spirit guide, angels, crystals, and other beings from high frequency and dimensions for years.

I started House of Angels as the angels teams and I realised there are heaps of people who are lost and need some guidance, support and companionship.

I had some tough experiences and my life was not smooth, until I started this soul journey. I noticed my life has changed and wishes started to come true. That was the moment I realised I am finally on the right track.

Throughout years of practicing spiritual reading, channeling, and healing, I have encountered people who were in pain and suffering. My Angels teams and myself have been assisting these people with their healing journeys. The changes I witnessed were powerful and touching, which is also the reason why I created House of Angels.

We wish that everyone who visits here, no matter what issues you are facing, you can experience light and love, and see hope again.

I speak English, Cantonese and Mandarina, so please don't hesitate to speak in these 3 languages with me :)