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House of Angels

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Healing

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Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is one of the powerful healing method in this world. It brings people to the awareness of their spiritual nature and to an intimate connection with their spiritual helpers, the High Self. 

We assist you to discover and clear discordant programs and energies, such as clearing can help establish greater health, happiness, harmony and prosperity on all levels of expression.

We connect to your High Self, which also known as your sub-conscious, to find out energies and programs that are no longer suitable for you, by using a pendulum and SRT Charts. This gives us a clear picture of the root cause of what you have been gone through and to clear it. 

If you noticed you are always looping the same issue, or wish to clear energies that do not suitable for you anymore, you are most welcomed to book for your SRT Healing session with our consultant.

Your first SRT session will take 2 Hours, and you can select to have 1 Hour or 1 Hour 30 Mins for the following sessions. Contact Us to make a booking, and we are looking forward to meet you!

Please note: All consultation will be held online during COVID-19 period. Our team will email you the zoom link the day before the consultation.