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House of Angels

Akashic Record Reading

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Every soul has their own record, from the birth, to the end. This record is called Akashic Record. It is a space that contain every details of  souls.

Reading Akashic Record is a self-discovering journey, which help us to understand our life mission and lesson, how past life experience affecting our current life, how to resolve the issue and help our souls grow.

If you are wondering about your soul mission, life lesson, soul origin, your talent, relationship, past life stories, life issues and suggestions, etc. Akashic Record would be the best choice of you. It does not only contain records of human, but also animals, crystals, high frequency objects and places. 

We connect with your Record Gate Keeper, your Spirit Guide and your High Self, and to deliver the messaged from the Universe, brings love and light to your life, assisting your spiritual development and healing process.

Short 30 mins or standard 60 mins reading are available. If 60 mins is not enough for you, you are more than welcome to select up to 3 "extra 10 mins" option, which gives you maximum 90 mins for the reading session. Contact Us to make a booking, and we are looking forward to meet you!

Please note: All consultation will be held online during COVID-19 period. Our team will email you the zoom link the day before the consultation.