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House of Angels

Aura & Crystal Reading & Healing

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Aura is a invisible energy field that surrounds a person's body. The colour of the aura reflects a person's personality, status, mood and situation. It helps us understand if there is any chakra being blocked, or imbalance as well. 

Reading the status of your aura and chakra tells us what energy that you need most. We will then use angels tuned crystals to bring you this power healing energy, that helps you to achieve the most balanced and harmony status.

We offer short 10 mins consultation just to read your Aura, and standard 30 mins of Aura chakra & Crystal healing services.

Contact Us now, and we will arrange the time with you for your session. House of Angels is looking forward to meet you soon!

Please note: All consultation will be held online during COVID-19 period. Our team will email you the zoom link the day before the consultation.