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House of Angels

Angelic Symbol Healing

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Every Angel has their own sign, and this is one of the key to connect them directly. If you are feeling struggle, stuck, in pain and wish to connect and receive blessings from Angels, we recommend you to go with a session of Angelic Symbol Healing.

We are closely connected and working with these Angels, including the Archangels, to bring love, light and healing energy to those who need them. This gentle healing method is suitable for any person that have physical, mental and spiritual issues. No matter this is the first of your healing experience, or  you have tried multiple ways, Angels are always welcome you to experience the Angelic Symbol Healing.

You can try a short 30 mins healing session, a standard 60 mins session, or select up to 3 "Extra 10 mins" which gives you maximum 90 mins for each session. Contact Us to make a booking, and we are looking forward to meet you!

Please note: All consultation will be held online during COVID-19 period. Our team will email you the zoom link the day before the consultation.