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House of Angels

Clear Quartz - Sphere

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Clear Quartz crystal is a powerful natural stone that's both beautiful and versatile. With its clear and transparent appearance, Clear Quartz is a popular choice for those seeking clarity, focus, and amplification of energy.

Our Clear Quartz crystals are sourced from high-quality natural stones and have been carefully selected for their beauty and clarity. Each piece is unique, with variations in shape and size that add to its individual character and charm.

Clear Quartz is believed to have numerous benefits, including promoting mental clarity, focus, and concentration. It's also said to amplify energy and increase the effectiveness of other crystals, making it a great tool for those who want to enhance their meditation practice or healing work.

In addition, Clear Quartz is believed to help balance and align all of the chakras, making it an excellent choice for those who want to promote overall well-being and balance in their lives.

Whether you're using it for meditation, healing, or simply as a beautiful addition to your crystal collection, our Clear Quartz crystal is sure to make a powerful impact. It can help you to feel more focused, energized, and balanced in your daily life.

Order your Clear Quartz crystal today and experience the powerful energy and beauty of this amazing natural stone. It also makes a wonderful gift for loved ones who are interested in crystals, meditation, or holistic healing.

Size: 130mm x 130mm x 130mm
Weight: 65g


*At House of Angels, we cleanse and bless every crystal before dispatch to infuse it with positive energy and help you tap into its healing properties. If you'd prefer to cleanse and bless your crystal yourself, simply let us know in the order notes.

***Please note that the appearance of the crystal you receive may differ slightly from the product images due to variations in natural stone, as well as differences in monitor displays and lighting conditions. Thank you for your understanding.