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Sacred Creation

Conscious Crystal Earrings

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  • Resonates with the Christ Consciousness
  • A powerful instrument of the Love Frequency
  • It’s also seen as a “vehicle” to travel between different dimensions and realities
  • Helps you realize that everything is One
  • Made of 3D Printed Brass, Gold Plated Brass or Sterling Silver
Please Note: This product is Made to Order 

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Conscious Crystal

The Conscious Crystal Earrings resonate with the Christ Consciousness. Besides that, it’s also seen as a “vehicle” to travel between different dimensions and realities. A powerful instrument of the Love Frequency. It consists of a dodecahedron, combined with an icosahedron from the platonic solids.

Christ Consciousness

Although the name seems to refer to it, Christ Consciousness has (almost) nothing to do with Christianity or with the person Jesus himself.
It’s a state of BEING. A universal force that you can tune into.

It refers to the state of enlightenment. The realization that everything is one. In other words, to bring out your own inner Divine power.
This is the state of being that Jesus achieved. As an example that we can all achieve this. It’s all about the heart frequency, unconditional love and sharing it.
Something that can’t be laid down on paper, but must be experienced and lived.

Multidimensional Vehicle

Besides having the Christ Consciousness Frequency, it’s also a multi dimensional vehicle. Several people experienced this with this instrument.
During a meditation with this instrument, this figure will appear in a gold and white light around you. After which there is a preparation for a trip or an out of body experience. Each triangle of this figure reflects a dimension or reality that can be traveled to. This makes it a lot easier to travel between dimensions or realities. So it’s a powerful meditation tool as well!

The geometry of the Conscious Crystal

As stated above, the geometry of this remarkable piece is based on a dodecahedron of the platonic solids. On each plane of the dodecahedron is a part of the icosahedron placed. So it’s full of sacred geometry!

How we make the Conscious Crystal Earrings

We make the Conscious Crystal Earrings of 3D printed Brass, Gold plated Brass or Sterling silver.
We deliver these earrings with a linen jewelry pouch, ready to give it as a gift.

Extra Info

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 37 × 14.85 × 14.85 mm
Material Brass, Gold plated brass, Rose Gold plated brass, 925 Sterling silver