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Sacred Creation

Shooting Star Earrings

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  • Realigns your Chakras
  • Connects you to the energies of the Universe, distant Stars and Civilizations
  • Amplifies Astral Traveling
  • Made of 3D Printed Brass or Sterling Silver
  • Nickel Free
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Shooting Star Earrings

The stars have always intrigued mankind, especially their alignment. Many ancient temples, for example the Pyramids of Giza, are aligned with the stars. But Shooting Stars have their history as well. Especially making a wish when seeing one.

The Ancient Greeks believed when a curious God peeked down at Earth, a star or two would slip down and become a shooting star. So it was widely believed that when the Gods were looking down at that very moment, your wish could be heard by them. Making your wish come true.

We believe it’s a beautiful permission slip to give yourself something you wish for. Or giving your manifestation power a good boost to manifest what you desire.

So what about our Shooting Star Earrings?

The design of these earrings are based on our newly discovered Sacred Geometry, which originated from the Ancient Flower of Life. We’ve used this Sacred Geometry for multiple designs already, but we keep finding more and more interesting and powerful geometry.

What the Shooting Star Earrings can do for you

Also this design has its own unique energy signature. Just as the stars are aligned, the Shooting Star Earrings can help you realign your Chakras. Bringing them into balance. It feels like an invisible line of energy is pulled from your Root Chakra up to your Crown Chakra.

From your Crown Chakra on, the line of energy continues and connects you to the energies of the Universe. Connecting you with different civilizations from distant stars in higher dimensions. It’s an amplifier for Astral traveling, an extension of yourself. Raising your frequency and your energy.

How we make the Shooting Star Earrings

We make the Shooting Star Earrings of 3D Printed brass or Sterling Silver.
We deliver these earrings with a linen jewelry pouch, ready to give it as a gift.

Extra Info

Weight 16 g
Dimensions 66 × 20 × 2.8 mm
Material Brass, 925 Sterling silver