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Soul Star Pendant

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  • Connects you with your (Extraterrestrial) Soul Family
  • Raises your Frequency and opens your Heart, preparing you for contact
  • Realigns your energy from your feet up to your Crown Chakra
  • Enhances the Third Eye
  • Hand Polished
  • Perfect Meditation Tool and Spiritual Guidance
  • Made of 3D Printed Gold Plated Brass or Sterling Silver

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Soul Star Pendant

This beautiful geometric design is a real heart opener. The Soul Star Pendant can help you to (re)connect with your Soul Family. Which is also known as a Soul Group or a Star Family.
But your Soul Family doesn’t necessarily have to be incarnated here on Earth. They can also be Extraterrestrial beings in higher dimensions.

What is a Soul Family

A Soul Group or family is the spiritual equivalent of your birth family on Earth. Your soul and your soul group, all share the same Oversoul, a unified collective consciousness. Every soul of the Oversoul is just a small spectrum of the whole. Together you have similar experiences, lessons and traits, but each with a (slightly) different perspective on the matter. But also your star origins (starseeds) are quite similar.

If you meet another soul who is part of your Soul Family, they’ll feel like you’ve known them for years and often you experience many synchronicities together. On a higher level you also exchange information, support each other on this journey and you can even heal each other.

Soul Star Pendant

This is where the Soul Star Pendant comes in. This pendant is a gateway, a tool to (re)connect you to your Soul Family. This connection even goes to Souls on distant stars and galaxies.

The Soul Star Pendant helps you to open your heart, layer by layer like a lotus flower. So the light can shine from your heart, into the Universe. This way, other souls of your soul family know how to find you. Like a Lighthouse, shining its pure and loving light so bright that everyone know where you are. As a bonus, it also realigns your energies. From your feet, up to your Crown chakra and the Soul Star Chakra. Getting you ready to meet your family members.

But, in order to meet with the members of your Soul Group in Higher Dimensions, you also need to raise your frequency.
This way, you can meet your Extraterrestrial Friends somewhere in the middle of the Frequency Spectrum. You raise your frequency and they’ll lower theirs slightly. This is also something the Soul Star pendant can assist you with. There are, of course, other ways to raise your frequency. 

Lastly, the Soul Star Pendant can enhance your Third Eye greatly. Especially if you place it in front of your Third Eye. This way you can receive information from higher dimensions more easily.

How we make the Soul Star Pendant

The Soul Star Pendant is made of 3D Printed (Rose) Gold Plated Brass or Sterling silver.
We deliver this pendant with a linen jewelry pouch and a wax cord string, ready to give it as a gift.

Want to have a nice Sterling Silver necklace instead of a wax cord string? Add it to your cart!

Extra Info

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 66.4 × 37.1 × 9.2 mm
Material Gold plated brass, Rose Gold plated brass, 925 Sterling silver